Conservative Parties of France and Germany merging their programmes

As in my post in our FB group, I thought I wanna share this with a greater audience:

Chancellor Merkels CDU changes yet another fundamental maxim of its politics as it's leaders have announced that they are aiming to make the call for a minimum wage a part of their parties programme.
For me as German, this development is quite stunning, as the centre-right CDU has always been reluctant towards this idea. On the other hand, this is clearly fitting in the pattern of integration of party lines that has been announced three days ago by Bruno le Maire, the campaign manager for french president Nicolas Sarkozys upcoming presidential election campaign.
This whole story is getting even more interesting considering the fact that Germany has often been accused of undermining the stability of both the common market and the Euro with subsidized dumping wages. As the coalition in power has been the key advocates of the liberalization of the job market, and as the CDU seems to be eager to change this attitude (and as the FDP is still bobbing around 3%), the main stronghold of job market deregulation in Germany is about to crease over. Hence, IF this draft from the leadership ranks is going to be accepted by the parties basis on the upcoming party convention, this, from my point of view, is going to seriously affect and fundamentally change situation in the european market and politics.
Given these recent events, it seems as if the UMP and the CDU are effectively merging their party programs, aiming to form a european centre/centre-right party coalition, playing the forerunner and giving example to others.
It's not that this integration process entirely new, but there is a noticeable acceleration of the speed of it. I wonder how many journalists are noticing this at all, as I don't really find anything about this in any of the big european newspapers. Even those newspapers who are reporting about this (the german ones) are only focusing on it from an inside-perspective, not losing a mere word about the actual development.
As far as I can tell, this is a quite fundamental development. I wonder how it's going to affect the political landscape of Europe!

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