How to get stuff done

Well said, I must say. This is an excerpt of what we are given as a "Study Guide" at our university:

You will typically have four or five assignments at the same time, plus recapitulating previous lectures, plus other tedious burdens such as a long-distance relationship or your neglected level 52 WoW dwarfish berserk. Fortunately, there is a simple two step recipe to help you manage your duties.
Step two is: do one thing at a time.
Switching from one task to another produces mental and physical switching cost, i.e. lost productivity. If you are, like me, like most of us, essentially lazy, use this to your advantage: make sure the switching cost to some procrastinating activity is just so high that it’ll be too much of an effort to stop doing what you’r currently doing. Install a browser plugin that restricts your Facebook usage to times where you are unproductive anyway (before your first class in the morning or after lunch). Or just use a single function device for learning (e.g. Paper…). But more importantly, make sure you follow step one.
Step one: care.
Care a damn lot. Before you start anything, care for what you do! Think of whatever gets you going: how you proudly present your solution to the rest of your homework group. The aesthetic beauty of a well written argument of your essay. The satisfaction of each successfully compiling program. What ever it is: make it important! Even if nobody else cares, make it important for you!
There are a lot of different productivity techniques out there (e.g. “Getting Things Done” or the Pomodoro technique), and a myriad of different tools that implement these techniques for the better or worse (from distraction-less writing environments to highly customizable angry masturbation break timers). Give them a try, but always remember that they are no remedy for a lack of motivation. Therefore, care.

I have to say: I couldn't agree more. Let's see!

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