TagCanvas Habari Plugin

I've spent some time on creating a plugin that nicely integrates Graham Breach's TagCanvas Plugin into Habari. The current version of it is 0.1.2. I'm releasing it under both the Apache 2.0 Licence and the LGPLv3. Enjoy!


  1. Download the current version
  2. Move the tagcanvas-0.1.3 directory to your /user/plugins/ folder
  3. Go to the options page and set up the plugin as you like


Just paste $theme->hbcumulus(); anywhere into your templates and the TagCanvas Cloud will be shown.



These are the points that I want to change as soon as I got some time:

  • 0.3 - jQuery-integration
  • 0.5 - make the options available in backend
  • 1.0 - bugfixes, ..

4 Responses to "TagCanvas Habari Plugin"

Valentin meint:

It does, I mean that's what I'm running it on. But I haven't updated the files in this post in a while and maybe I made changes to the files on my server, I forgot...
Anyway, new link to my current version is included now :)

M. S: RitZenhoff meint:

Schade würde es ja gerne herunterladen aber die Links funktionieren derzeit nicht.
Hatte das Graham's TagCanvas erst kürzlich in eine Joomla!-Page installiert und war begeistert.

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